5月18日に「世界喘息デー」をさだめた Global Initiative for Asthma(GINA)に、以下の「世界喘息デー2024 in Japan」の報告をしました。

Organization:Asthma Forum in Japan(Asthma JP)
Subject:World Asthma Day 2024 in Japan
At the Japan Asthma Forum (Asthma JP), we are working to raise awareness of WAD in Japan. This year (2024), we illuminated Kyoto Tower and placed advertisements on portal sites like Yahoo! JAPAN and Google, as well as on social media platforms such as X and Facebook.

The funding for these activities was covered by a crowdfunding campaign. With support from 74 people, we were able to make these initiatives a reality.

At Asthma JP, we have designated blue and green as the awareness colors for bronchial asthma, and we achieved the blue and green illumination of Kyoto Tower. The illuminated Kyoto Tower was widely tweeted with the hashtag "#WorldAsthmaDay" on X. It also received numerous "Likes" on Facebook.

We also held one lecture. Including the returns for the crowdfunding campaign, we plan to hold a total of five lectures.

Additionally, Asthma.JP sent messages to societies, associations, and patient groups related to bronchial asthma in Japan, urging them to inform their members about World Asthma Day (WAD).

Asthma JP official website


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昨年(2023)は、日本喘息学会が「World Asthma Day Symposium」が開催され、それが終わってからGINAに日本での活動を報告しました。ただ7月と遅い時期だったからだと思いますが、日本での世界喘息デーの様子はGINAが作成した動画の中では紹介されませんでした。今年はそういう事がないように、終わってすぐにGINAに報告しました。今年は掲載してもらえるとイイな。


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